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Functional Spanish 1

Jul 1, 2024 - Sep 30, 2024

  • 92Days
  • 74Steps
Everyone who has completed at least one step will get a badge when the program ends.


Designed for learners at the A1 level, our program will guide you through the essentials of Spanish conversation, empowering you to express yourself with confidence in a variety of everyday situations. 🎯 Master the Basics, Gain Confidence Our focus is on helping you understand the building blocks of Spanish, so you can construct simple sentences and express yourself confidently in various scenarios. You'll explore the logic behind what we say in Spanish, empowering you to think and speak like a native. 📚 Comprehensive Syllabus, Step-by-Step Learning We've crafted a comprehensive syllabus that breaks down the language into manageable steps. You'll follow a series of lessons, each building upon the previous one, ensuring a smooth and logical learning progression. With a wealth of resources at your fingertips, you'll have everything you need to succeed. 👥 Asynchronous Learning with Expert Support This course is designed for asynchronous learning, allowing you to study at your own pace. However, you won't be alone in your journey. Our native Spanish teachers will be available to answer your questions, provide feedback on your tasks, and offer guidance whenever you need it. Plus, you'll have access to a forum where you can connect with fellow learners, share insights, and solve challenges together. 💰 Investment in Your Growth: We believe in providing high-quality education at an accessible price point. The course duration is 12 weeks with a series of steps and a lot of resources to improve your listening, speaking and logic about the Spanish language. Ready to start speaking Spanish? It all starts with understanding the essence of the language and using it in real-life situations right from the start. Say goodbye to memorizing isolated phrases - we focus on immersing you in the language!

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