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  • Week classes with a professional teacher

  • Conversation class with a tutor.

  • Custom materials 

  • Vocabulary list

  • Practice outside classes with your teacher

  • Groups for a variety of levels

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From $ 12 USD / Class

  • 60 minutes per 1 to 1 live class

  • Custom materials 

  • Practice outside class with interactive activities and videos

  • Individualized courses based on your particular needs.

Async Courses

Learn Spanish in your own time with an innovative new technique - all for just $25!

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You can get

Travel confidently

Get more out of your travels by being able to talk to people in their own language and see the world in a different way.

Make new friends

Connect with people and have meaninful conversations.

Authentic experiences

Break down barriers!

Experience a different perspective

Get insights of other people's customs and values.

Join the Community

Join us in building a community of language learners.

Check out what our students say

Beatriz Ramos

 I think Karencita did a great job engaging students and having us conversate at a pace that works for English to Spanish speaking people. 

About Us

Thrive in Spanish is created by a Mexican woman from the state of Hidalgo, México. She wants to open you up with a new world of perspectives.

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