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Don't just survive,
Thrive in Spanish

All you need to experience life in Spanish

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At Thrive in Spanish, we help learners in their journey to thrive in their new language.​

​Language learning should be fun. Sometimes people forget this.​

We help students to reach their goals of integrating with a new community, develop new relationships, and experience a new culture.

​But most importantly, we help them to enjoy the journey.

FREE CLASS: Order food at a Mexican restaurant


Thursday, September 21th at 7:00 pm CST / 6:00 pm Pacific time 

Online Spanish Lessons

Embark on a thrilling journey with our online Spanish courses! Open doors to new opportunities, forge global connections and unleash your language potential. 

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All you need to experience life in Spanish.



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If you're thinking you'd like to learn Spanish as a beginner or want to improve your existing Spanish, then Thrive In Spanish is perfect. I have done about 6 courses and this is by far the best way I've learned. This is because Karen and the other teachers explain the 'why' about the language. Like, 'why should I use this verb tense and not the other one'. And also explain about Mexican culture, and encourage students to share their own culture (e.g. Australian folk legends).

Adrienne Gross

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