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Choose your Individual or Group Plan

Level up your Spanish with our versatile combo of group classes and solo lessons!


Get the best of both worlds and rock the language like a pro!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Monthly membership

    Every month
    Join our Conversation Club every weekend and get 4 private classes, tips and access to a forum.
    • Conversational Club (A1-A2)
    • One-to-One Conversation Classes
    • Conversational classes (A2-B2)
  • Let's get fluent

    Let's Engage in structured studying while practicing speaking simultaneously. Let's get serious!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 8 60 minutes one-to-one classes
    • 4 60 min Conversation Club sessions (Weekend)
    • Material Included
  • 5 Private Conversation Classes

    Get 5 30 minutes one-to-one conversation classes and orientation.
    Valid for 2 months
    • One-to-One Conversation Classes
    • One-to-One Conversation Classes
  • Learn and practice

    6 Spanish lessons focusing on conversation
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 60 minute classes with a Professional teacher
    • 3 60 minutes classes with a tutor who only speaks Spanish
    • Materials incliuded
    • Assistence between classes
  • Spanish for Kids

    Are you aged 6-12? Learn Spanish with games, songs and lots of activities!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 5 30-min Classes
    • Play while you Learn
    • Read and Write
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