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Unlock the Magic of Spanish

You know deep down that learning Spanish is essential, a gateway to forging meaningful connections. But the traditional approach has left you feeling disconnected, making it a struggle to retain what you learn and apply it in real-world situations.

Start Your Transformation

Imagine a world where you don't just "know" Spanish, but where you share jokes with local friends and are truly woven into its vibrant community. Say goodbye to more memorization. Dive into an immersive experience designed to help you Thrive in Spanish. Join our Spanish Conversation Club.

By joining our monthly membership, you'll get:


Deep Cultural Immersion

Instead of just learning textbook phrases, you'll dive deep into conversation.


A supportive Community

You become part of a passionate Spanish-speaking family. Meet more people going through the same journey.


Personalized Learning

Get private sessions with professional Spanish teachers, catering to your pace.


A Journey, Not a Race

Get tips to speed your learning.

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But most importantly, It's a journey, not a race

Check out what our students have to say!

If you're thinking you'd like to learn Spanish as a beginner or want to improve your existing Spanish, then Thrive In Spanish is perfect. I have done about 6 courses and this is by far the best way I've learned. This is because Karen and the other teachers explain the 'why' about the language. I feel confident to be able to participate in the class. And the teachers are all very patient and kind.


Adrienne Gross

Are you ready
to break the language barrier?

Don't miss your chance to be part of our Spanish-speaking family and Conversation Club.


4 X 30 min One-to-One Conversation Classes (you choose the time)

4 X 60 min Group Conversation Classes (includes material)

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My FREE gift for you! Get my E-book and fast-track your way to fluency.

  • Who is this membership designed for?
    Our Spanish Conversation Club and Membership is tailored for individuals at the basic (yes basic) and intermediate levels of Spanish proficiency. To ensure the best learning experience, we've created two separate conversation clubs: one for basic learners and another for those at an intermediate level. You'll join the group that aligns with your current skill set, ensuring that conversations are both engaging and appropriate for your level. For private classes, you can choose the time during the week and let's speak! Private classes also are good if you are looking to practice a specific topic about grammar or simply conversation
  • Are there live sessions?
    Our membership is tailored for individuals at the basic and intermediate levels of Spanish proficiency. To ensure the best learning experience, we've created two separate conversation clubs: one for basic learners and another for those at an intermediate level. If you are at a basic level, join group sessions every Saturday at 11:00 am Mexico City time. If you are intermediate, join us every Sunday at 11:00 am CST or every Thrusday at 7:30 pm CST. You also have 4 30 min private classes to use during the month. You choose a suitable time to take them. This way, we'll work togheter hand to hand to improve your fluency! There are material to practice too!
  • Is there a community or forum where I can connect with other learners and receive support?
    Beyond the weekly conversation sessions, we have a dedicated facebook group and forum on my website where members can connect, share experiences, ask questions, and support each other on their Spanish learning journey.
  • How do I sign up for a Master Class, and what can I expect to learn from it?
    I'll be announcing a Master Class for FREE. It will provide insights into effective language learning strategies, a deeper dive into certain aspects of the Spanish language, and showcases the benefits of our membership. Get my FREE E-book in the meantime.
  • Is there a refund policy in case the course doesn't meet my expectations?
    We stand by the quality and effectiveness of our program. You have a complimentary 7-day trial period to fully experience how the program operates and reap its rewards. Our goal is to ensure that every member gains value and sees progress in their Spanish conversation journey.
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