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Karen Aguayo

CEO and Founder of Thrive in Spanish

Thrive in Spanish is an Academy founded by a Mexican woman from the state of Hidalgo, México. 

Inspired by her own experience of struggling to communicate while living in Vietnam, she discovered a passion for assisting others on their Spanish language learning journey.

After four years of teaching independently and five years of creating cultural videos on Youtube (La Karencita) in her second language, she embarked on a mission to establish a Spanish Academy to help individuals who want to thrive at immersing themselves in the culture and forge meaningful experiences.

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Check out what our students say


If you're thinking you'd like to learn Spanish as a beginner or want to improve your existing Spanish, then Thrive In Spanish is perfect. I have done about 6 courses and this is by far the best way I've learned. This is because Karen and the other teachers explain the 'why' about the language. Like, 'why should I use this verb tense and not the other one'. And also explain about Mexican culture, and encourage students to share their own culture (e.g. Australian folk legends).

Adrienne Gross

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