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Functional Spanish 2 - Travel and Communicate Confidently

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This course offers an enriching opportunity to further your learning journey and delve deeper into the nuances of Spanish conversation. If you've grasped the essentials but still find it challenging to string together sentences in Spanish or yearn to engage in basic conversations on a variety of everyday topics—like visiting the doctor or ordering at a food stall—this course is designed with you in mind. (A2 level) Build upon the foundation you've established and unlock new doors to authentic Spanish living. 💡 Think in Spanish: Our course goes beyond just conversation. We'll guide you through the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and sentence structure, enabling you to think and express yourself in Spanish with ease. You'll learn to construct sentences in both the future and past tenses, expanding your ability to share your thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. 💰 Investment in Your Growth: We believe in providing high-quality education at an accessible price point. The course fee is $55 per 12 weeks with a series of steps and a lot of resources to improve your listening, speaking and logic about the Spanish language. 📹 You can take the course including live lessons with native Spanish teachers too! If you prefer, for USD $99 monthly for 3 months, you'll get professional native Spanish teachers helping you thrive with group conversation classes. Ready to start speaking Spanish? It all starts with understanding the essence of the language and using it in real-life situations right from the start. Say goodbye to memorizing isolated phrases - we focus on immersing you in the language and culture to truly Thrive in Spanish.

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Functional Spanish 2 - Speaking Course

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