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Ordering Food in Mexico

Ever found yourself craving authentic Mexican cuisine, but feeling a little lost when it comes to navigating the menu or ordering in Spanish? We've got your back!

Join us for our upcoming FREE live class: 🌟 "From Tacos to Tamales" 🌟

Thursday, September 21th at 7:00 pm CST / 6:00 pm Pacific time 

Date &Time: 

Cocina tradicional
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What's on the Menu?

🍴 Discover common items on a Mexican menu and learn their Spanish terms.

🗣 Master essential phrases for ordering and ask for recommendations.

🎭 Participate in an engaging role-play activity to put your newfound language skills to use!

Whether you're a Spanish learner, a food lover, or planning your next trip to Mexico, this webinar is perfect for you! Don't miss this chance to spice up your Spanish skills! 🌶 (A1)


Karen Aguayo

CEO and professional teacher

of Thrive in Spanish

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