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Learn Spanish with me

I've been teaching Spanish to learners of all ages and abilities from around the world for over two years. I have the perfect materials and techniques to help you to achieve your goals in the Spanish language. My husband Dave has studied multiple languages and has a master's degree in language teaching. Together we are crafting courses designed specifically for people who want to move to Mexico.

I've seen that a lot of people from around the world are planning to move to Mexico and they are concerned about their level of Spanish. So I designed the perfect course to help you to practice essential conversation and improve your confidence so that you can make the most of your time here!

If you have a basic conversational level of Spanish and you want to practice speaking, this is for you! 

If you can't make the online classes or if you are looking for a beginner course sign up to my newsletter and I'll send free materials and let you know when my other courses are available!

Thrive in Mexico conversation course

Are you planning on visiting Mexico or even moving to Mexico soon? Do you know some Spanish but you're worried about being understood and making friends once you are here? I've developed this 12-week conversation course so that you can work on your speaking and pronunciation so that you can not just survive in Spanish, but thrive in Spanish.

This course consists of 12 1-hour online classes in groups of 4 students. The focus will be purely conversational but I have selected the topics to make sure that you'll master all of the important grammar points and vocabulary that you will need to thrive in Mexico.

Course plan

Class 1: Making friends and introducing yourself

Practicing asking and answering questions and formal and informal speech.

Class 2: Customs and habits

Practicing talking about our daily routines and common words for use at home.

Class 3: Housing

Getting ready to choose accommodation and talk about our homes. Using there is/are in Spanish and describing what you need.

Class 4: Mexican Food

Learn to order and describe common foods found in Mexico. We'll also talk about preparing food, buying in the market and cooking.

Class 5: Health and Illness

We're going to practice common words and phrases for when we don't feel so great and how to ask for help. We'll also practice giving advice in Spanish.

Class 6: Romance and dating

Let's learn how to describe people's appearance and personality. We'll practice inviting people to activities and compliments.

Class 7: Travel

We can discuss our travel experiences and our travel nightmares! This is a great opportunity to practice using the past tenses and telling stories.

Class 8: How did you meet?

We're going to build on what we practiced in the previous class to speak in the past tense more. This time we're going to focus on asking and answering questions.

Class 9: Why do Mexicans do this?

Although I'm sure you will love your time in Mexico, I'm also sure you will have some complaints. Here we can learn about some cultural quirks and discuss them.

Class 10: 10 essential Mexican phrases

In this class, you're going to learn some typical Mexican phrases that you can use to impress people with your level of Spanish here.

Class 11: Regional diversity in Mexico

Here we can find out about how things are different around the country and practice comparisons and superlatives.

Class 12: Final Class

This class will be unique to your group. Here I will include specific activities and topics to help you improve your weak points. Feel free to make suggestions too!

Are you ready?

I want to make sure that everybody in the classes feels comfortable and enjoys the lesson. I don't want anyone to feel that this is too easy or too hard.

This course is designed for people who already know the basics of Spanish, but who want to improve their confidence and fluency when they speak.

If you aren't sure if this course is right for you, here's a quick 10-minute test for you to check your level and see if this course is right for you.

If you have different needs in your Spanish learning, don't worry! I'm working on more courses to suit all levels. Sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know when these are ready!

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