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Functional Spanish

This course is for people who want to start learning from ZERO. 
you'll learn how to think in Spanish and gain confidence to communicate. If you're planning to travel to Mexico or another Latin American country, you'll know how to communicate in real-life situations too! 

We'll be going over simple phrases at a slow and steady pace.

Once you sign up, we'll be providing the material that will work as a guide for you to study between classes. 

If you booked an async course, add your promo code to apply it for these live classes.

If you don't want to commit for 3 months, study monthly and pay every month!

For a subscription each month for 3 months, you'll get:

  • 1-hour live online classes each month for three months every week.

  • 4 30 minutes live conversation online sessions each month for two months with a native Spanish speaker every week, talk and put into practice everything you've learned.

  • Talk with a professional teacher between classes on a virtual platform whenever you feel you want to practice.


You just need to commit for 12 weeks. In this time, you'll learn essential vocabulary to travel to a Hispanic country and feel comfortable doing your basic needs!

Who is this for?

This course is specially designed for people who have decided to start learning Spanish. Imagine yourself speaking Spanish from the first class with Mexican teachers?

You will get:

  • 1 weekly 1-hour live video class with a native teacher, in small groups of no more than 4 students

  • 1 weekly 30-minute live video class/conversation with a native teacher who only speaks Spanish to start immersing yourself

  • Custom materials and fun activities are designed to get you speaking

  • Interactive vocabulary lists on a flashcard app for you to study wherever you are

  • Video-based speaking activities for between classes, so you don't get rusty

  • Online study group to ask questions and practice outside of class time - your teacher will be checking to help out

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