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There’s a new way to learn Spanish online! 

Quiénes somos

The Thrive in Spanish async course gives students everything they need to improve their Spanish speaking, without being tied down to a fixed schedule.

This course gives you all of the materials and support you need to study Spanish in your own time. What's different is that, as well as studying alone, you have real conversations with native speakers by sharing video messages. 

Our teachers are always available to answer any questions you may have in our class forums. If you get stuck, send a video, leave a message, or book a private or group class!

So what's an async course?

It's scary speaking with a native speaker when you start learning a language, right?

We've found a way to let students practice speaking Spanish in their own time - in a low pressure way!

We use a great platform which allows you to keep up a real conversation with your teacher via short videos (30s - 5min). You can study new phrases and immediately put them into practice with a quick video message!

How does it work?

Why make videos?

Made a mistake?

No worries! You can delete the video and try again.

Forgot the words?

Pause, check the vocabulary again, and keep going!

Feeling creative?

Use filters, props, or edit your videos the way you want!

What are you waiting for?

Start learning now!

  • Async - Start in September 1st!

    Every month
    Learn at your own time
    Valid for 3 months

Can I still take online classes?

Of course! Members of the async courses get discounted rates for all online classes with our Thrive in Spanish teachers.

Async students are studying the same topics and vocabulary as students in our regular courses. As an async student, you have the option to join any of the group classes for your level. There is no commitment and you have total freedom about how many classes you want to take and when.

If you'd prefer a private class with your teacher, you get a discount for that too!

You can organize your studies according to how you feel and your schedule.


Who is this for?

Right now, the async course is only available for our Functional Spanish level.


This course is designed for people who want to start learning from zero.


Learn essential phrases to be able to order food, chit chat, and reach a functional level of Spanish.


All of our courses are focused on getting students speaking Spanish right away.

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