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Boda alegre

Conversation group 

Quiénes somos

From only $11 per class, have a live class every and a vocabulary list talking about culture in Mexico and Latin America, topics to debate or simply lectures to enjoy with your classmates (Group of maximum 5 people).


You just need to subscribe and you'll get access to the classroom where you'll be able to meet your classmates too.

Get access to practice an interesting topic every week with native Spanish teachers

1. Jpin one live class for only $11! 

2. Get access to see your article or activity before having your class every week 

3. Read it, check out new vocabulary and be ready to talk in class

4. Attend class

How does it work?

Who are these classes for?

For people who can converse in Spanish at an intermediate level

For people who have undersanding of grammar rules in present and past tense.

For people who want to expand their vocabulary and be more fluent

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What are you waiting for?

Start learning now!

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