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Are you looking for a photography session in the center of Querétaro? We can help you. Get ready for an experience in which you can have a memory and at the same time you can visit the beautiful streets that the City of Querétaro offers us.



Templo y Convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros.

Spending a beautiful sunny summer afternoon in front of the Templo y Convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros.


Historic Center of Querétaro

The perfect weather to explore the Historic Center of Querétaro as a couple, also taken at the Templo y Convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros.


City of culture and traditions, perfectly reflected in its Historic Center. Downtown Querétaro always has a new street, alley or store to explore every time you visit.

Historic Center of Querétaro


El Andador Libertad

El Andador Libertad is an excellent place to take photos. Its colorful facades beautifully complement Querétaro's sunsets.


Hipotecarious boutique café

Hipotecarius boutique café offers excellent coffee and has an excellent interior design to spend a quiet afternoon chatting with friends


The time of bougainvillea is a magical time to visit Querétaro. The center is decked out to give a picturesque and abstract look for some beautiful photos taken from a fairy tale.

Querétaro Center



Winter is also a great time to visit the city. Christmas Eve and a good coffee go hand in hand to enjoy the afternoon.


The colorful facades of the center

The colorful facades of the center hide numerous stories and culture at every door. To walk in the alleys of Querétaro is to take a walk through the history of Mexico.

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