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Fluency training 3 - Chingones

- Get 6 1.15-hour live online classes with a native Spanish professional teacher
- Get 40 minutes live online classes with a native tutor who only speak Spanish 
- Practice with your teacher between classes through a platform! (They will always get back to you)


12 classes for US $95!

This course includes lots of material for in-between classes so that you can prepare for each lesson and ensure you don't forget what you have learned. You'll also have the opportunity with a person who doesn't speak English at all to put into practice what you've been learning with La Karencita.

This course is for people at an intermediate-advanced level who want to improve their Spanish conversation skills in a 100% Spanish conversational class using different tenses including subjunctive. You'll also learn some phrases to know how to debate a topic.

You will get:

  • A weekly 75 minute class with a Spanish native teacher, in small groups of 4 students

  • Custom materials and fun activities designed to get you speaking

  • Interactive vocabulary lists on a flashcard app for you to study wherever you are

  • Video-based speaking activities for between classes, so you don't get rusty

  • Online study group to ask questions and practice outside of class time - I'll be checking to help out

To join, you must be:

  • An intermediate speaker who can talk in present tense, past and future tense or who took La Karencita's basic and fluency 1 and 2 courses.

  • Ready to speak Spanish in class and commit to studying between classes.

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