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Feel confident with your Spanish

Study and have real conversations with a professional Spanish teacher one to one! Start thinking in Spanish and apply your knowledge speaking the language!


Learn how to express your ideas and gain confidence


Our teachers will help you to improve your vocabulary

Mirando una pantalla

Book classes per month and let's make it an habit

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Let's Thrive in Spanish!

If you already speak Spanish or have some level, it's great too. We can customise our lessons according to your level. Just book and reach your goal of learning Spanish!

Just your teacher and you!

  • Learn how to think in Spanish and start SPEAKING from the first class

    24 US dollars
  • Speak Spanish in a Fun and Conversational Way

    14 US dollars
  • Speak Spanish like if you were with a friend

    8 US dollars
  • In groups of maximum of 5 students, immerse in the Spanish language an...


    11 US dollars
  • Study on Saturdays! Start immersing in the Spanish language and learn ...

    Started Jun 3

    58 US dollars

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  • Get live classes and materials of real situations you'll face if you t...