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Time to live in Ecuador

After spending three amazing months in Colombia, we have set our sights on Cuenca, Ecuador.

Although we were reluctant to leave Colombia, we knew that we had to keep an open mind and explore other destinations. Our time in Colombia was memorable.

We loved the local culture, the affordable cost of living, and the ease of travel to other cities in the country. We even managed to cut our living expenses by 25%, thanks to the low cost of rent and dining out.

Why did we leave then?

We also recognized that we tend to get comfortable in a place quickly, and we wanted to challenge ourselves to experience other environments and cultures.

We debated whether to extend our stay in Colombia for another three months or explore a new destination. Eventually, we decided to head to Cuenca, a city that has attracted a diverse community of foreigners from all over the world.

We embarked on a long bus journey from Manizales to Cuenca, making stops in Pasto, Otobalo, Quito, and Baños.

Each place had its own unique charm, and we enjoyed soaking in the local atmosphere. Baños, in particular, was a pleasant surprise - it was a tranquil retreat that offered plenty of outdoor activities and stunning natural scenery. As we get closer to Cuenca, we're excited to explore the city's artistic and colonial heritage. We've heard that Cuenca is a hub for creatives, and we can't wait to immerse ourselves in the local arts scene. We're also looking forward to exploring the city's natural beauty, as Cuenca is known for its proximity to national parks and hiking trails.

One thing we've noticed during our travels is that the cost of living in Ecuador is slightly higher than in Colombia. While we hadn't really noticed the cost of living in Colombia, we're finding that it's more expensive to get by in Ecuador. Additionally, it's more challenging to pay with a card here than in Colombia or Mexico, which can be frustrating when trying to avoid ATM fees.

On a positive note, we're impressed with the local crafts scene in Ecuador. The jewellery and traditional clothes sold by street vendors are beautiful, and we're looking forward to exploring more of the local markets. Overall, we're excited about the next chapter of our journey in Cuenca, Ecuador. We know that it will be a new experience, and we're ready to embrace it with open minds and hearts.

Also, I haven't uploaded any videos on my Youtube channel. I've decided I'm going to take a few weeks to rest from a lot of changes that I've experienced. Thanks for your patience.

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La Karencita
La Karencita
11 de abr. de 2023

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