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Why You Will Never Learn Spanish (Just) with Duolingo

Discover why relying solely on Duolingo studying Spanish can lead to frustration and unmet goals. Explore the limitations of Duolingo and learn how to get the most out of this amazing tool.

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Are you one of the many language learners who believe that Duolingo is the magic solution to becoming fluent in a new language? While Duolingo is a fantastic tool to help you make learning fun, it's crucial to understand its limitations to avoid frustration and disappointment.

What's up with Duolingo?

When it comes to Spanish learning goals, we all have our sights set on the practical stuff. You know, the important things like confidently ordering delicious food, cracking jokes, and making friends with the locals. But let's be honest, when Duolingo throws at us sentences like "Paul is eating a horse," we can't help but scratch our heads and wonder if we'll ever use that in real life (unless, of course, you're at a wild food festival!).

Duolingo screenshot tweet "You are already dead"

Now, I get it. Those weird sentences on Duolingo can be frustrating at times. You might be thinking, "What's the point of learning this? It's totally useless!" But let me clue you in on Duolingo's little secret: it's all about the magic of memorizing grammatical structures and showcasing just how flexible those structures can be. Instead of drowning you in a sea of boring written exercises and mind-numbing drills, Duolingo spices things up, making the learning process enjoyable, albeit a bit strange. So, the next time you encounter a sentence like "Paul is eating a horse," remember that Duolingo is doing its thing to make grammar memorable and show you the wild and wonderful world of language flexibility.

The many skills required for speaking Spanish fluently

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Ready to embark on a language learning adventure? Get ready to flex your brain muscles because learning a new language involves way more than just memorizing words and conjugating verbs. It's like a whole package deal! From wrapping your head around the quirkiest grammar rules to training your mouth muscles to make unusual new sounds, language learning requires a diverse set of skills.

Duolingo does a great job of providing a fun, convenient way to drill grammatical structures on the go, but it's never going to help you to train your ear to understand Mexican telenovelas. The only way to be able to speak Spanish fluently is to speak Spanish, and a lot.

Use apps to boost your Spanish studies

To make the most of language learning apps, it's crucial to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Use them as a valuable tool to reinforce grammar rules, expand your vocabulary, and practice reading and writing. However, keep in mind that apps alone won't make you fluent in Spanish. They are just one piece of the puzzle.

To train the skills that apps can't fully address, it's essential to seek additional resources and activities. For example, immerse yourself in authentic conversations with native speakers, listen to podcasts or watch movies in the target language, and practice speaking as much as possible. These activities will help you develop fluency, cultural understanding, and real-life communication skills.

The Thrive in Spanish way

At Thrive in Spanish, we understand the power of language learning apps as part of a comprehensive approach. That's why we integrate carefully selected apps into our online Spanish courses to complement and enhance your learning experience. Our courses are 100% focussed on helping students to become conversationally fluent. We don't waste class time on grammar and vocabulary drills. We want to get students chatting and having fun in the language to build their confidence and get used to speaking Spanish. However, if you want to speak, you do need grammar and vocabulary. By including these apps in our courses, students have a fun and convenient way to review and practice these aspects of the language between classes, so that students get the most of the online classes and can chat naturally with our native teachers.

So, remember, use language learning apps wisely, acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses. Supplement your app-based studies with real-world practice and immersive activities to achieve true fluency. With the right mix of resources and Thrive in Spanish's tailored approach, you'll be on your way to mastering Spanish and enjoying meaningful conversations in no time.

Learn Spanish in your own time

Thrive in Spanish's asynchronous courses are designed to bridge the gaps that traditional language apps may leave behind. Our courses recognize the importance of practicing listening and speaking skills, which are often limited in app-based learning.

With our asynchronous courses, students have the opportunity to engage in real conversations through video messages with their dedicated teacher. This allows them to practice their listening comprehension and speaking abilities while enjoying the convenience of an app-like experience.

But that's not all! Thrive in Spanish goes the extra mile to support our students' language journey. We understand that sometimes you may want to practice a bit more or clarify doubts with a native speaker. That's why we offer discounts on standard online Spanish classes for students enrolled in our asynchronous courses.

This means that if you feel the need for additional practice or personalized guidance, you have the flexibility to access our regular online classes at reduced rates. With Thrive in Spanish, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience of asynchronous learning with the added opportunity to connect with native speakers and further enhance your language skills.

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